who we are


We're Steve and Kristin. We're parents and the founders of Big Future Toys.
In 2011, we became parents for the first time. Like you, we wanted the very best for our kids. When we couldn't find truly sustainable, educational toys, we started making them ourselves.

what if toys could change the world?

90% of toys are made from petroleum-based plastic, which generates huge amounts of greenhouse gases and waste. Worse yet, millions of tons of plastic end up in the sea, where marine animals eat the plastic. By 2050, our oceans could hold more plastic than fish. Thankfully, there's a better way to make toys.

made for the planet

Unlike most toy companies, we use sustainable wood from FSC-certified forests. Responsible management protects these forests for future generations. 
Your toy purchase also plants a tree. Fewer trees leads to erosion, soil depletion, and smaller crops for people that depend on the land. Your purchase helps farmers plant trees, restore their land, and escape the cycle of poverty

made for creative kids

We've never liked flashing, beeping toys. You know the kind.
We're advocates of #FewerBetterToys. High-quality toys that encourage kids to use their imagination. We design toys to be open-ended so kids can use over and over again in fresh new ways.


 All of our toys are designed in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia.