How are your toys tested for safety?
Nothing's more important to us than your kid's safety. Our toys are tested to all US and European toy safety requirements. We have a third-party laboratory test our toys for impact, biting, tension, compression, and more (pretty much anything a kid would normally do with a toy). More on toy safety on the Children's Product and Safety Commission website

Do you test for lead and other heavy metals?
Yup, absolutely. A third-party laboratory tests our toys for lead, other heavy metals, and phthalates to ensure your kid's safety.

Are there plans to add additional Earthtiles shapes or expansion packs in the future?
Yes, we’re working on it! If you've got a specific shape or theme you'd like to see, we'd love to hear about it at hello@bigfuturetoys.com.

Are Earthtiles compatible with other magnetic tiles?
Not...quite. The magnets inside other tiles don't exactly line up with Earthtiles. While you can get the tiles to stick to each other, the fit won't always be perfect.

What kind of finish do you use on Earthtiles?
We use a non-toxic, water-based lacquer. It's completely kid-safe and is tested for lead, other heavy metals, and phthalates.

Where do you sell?
If you're a customer in the US, you can purchase here on our website or on Amazon. If you're in Australia, check out Honeybee Toys. Right now, we don't have retailers or stockists anywhere else in the world.

Do you wholesale?
Check out our wholesale page.